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Welcome to Pagan and Christian Moot.

This website and accompanying message board have their origins in a desire to provide a forum where Pagans and Christians can learn about each others’ beliefs, burst a few myth bubbles and gain a greater understanding of why people believe and act on those beliefs as they do. Unlike the excellent faith specific outreach websites which fulfil a slightly similar role, the underlying purpose of this board is not to promote any specific faith path over another. The role is not to seek similarities in the beliefs to the exclusion of differences (although similarities do exist). The purpose is to provide an honest and non-judgemental area on the worldwide web where people can begin to break down the barriers to communication between two faith groups.


We've found ourselves discussing faiths other than Pagan paths and Christianity,  as would be expected of people who live in a world with more than two faith groups. As a consequence of this it seemed sensible to add a section of the forum that brought more 'Faith Communities' together. It is our hope that Pagan and Christian Moot can extend the strive for understanding of the beliefs of others to a wider Faith Community.

Oh and it is also a place where people can have fun and appreciate the human spirit.

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